Ask These Three Questions When You're Considering A Retirement Home

As a child of elderly parents, one of the duties that you might eventually find yourself taking part in is finding an adequate retirement home, like Concord Retirement Residence retirement residence, for your folks. You might also be taking the lead on this topic if your parents are unsure about how to proceed, so it's advantageous to take some time to visit different homes with your parents and attend information sessions. These appointments will provide you not only with a tour of the premises and a wealth of information about this type of living, but also give you an opportunity to ask some questions that can help you decide which home will be best suited for your parents' needs. Here are three questions worth asking.

What Health Services Are Available On-Site?

Although your parents might have their own vehicle when they move into the retirement home, it's also possible that they'll give up driving in time. As such, it's important to know what health services are available to residents in the comfort of the retirement home. Many homes have a dedicated healthcare staff in house, which means that your parents will have access to professionals such as nurse, nurse practitioner and physiotherapist. It's also common for homes to arrange visits from other health practitioners; for example, a chiropractor could visit on a specific day and treat a number of patients.

What Degree Of Staff Turnover Do You Have?

Although you can expect that some staff members will come and go, it's ideal to give your business to a retirement home that boasts a high degree of staff retention. This is valuable because your parents will be able to build relationships with the retirement home's employees over the years, which won't be possible if the roster of staff is constantly changing. You can follow up this question by asking how long certain key members have been on the staff.

How Busy Is Your Social Calendar?

While you can expect the retirement home's programming department to have a variety of different social events scheduled for residents, it's ideal to pick a facility that has a full social calendar. Having something different scheduled daily means that your parents will have an easy time meeting their peers and won't be facing any boredom. Look for a retirement home that forms community partnerships – for example, that has local school children visit to take part in crafts with the residents. This type of interaction can be positive for your parents and help them enjoy their new surroundings.