Should You Place A Loved One Who Suffers From Dementia In An Assisted Living Facility?

It isn't easy to care for an aging parent, and the task is even harder if that parent suffers from dementia. It takes a lot of patience and work to care for a person with dementia, and it's common for dementia patients -- even ones with mild cases of dementia -- to need home health care assistance daily. However, if your living situation has become overly stressful or you can't afford to hire help, it might be time for you to consider placing your loved one in an assisted living facility that provides 24-hour care. In fact, if you notice your loved one displaying any of these signs, it's time for you to seriously think about how it would benefit your parent to be admitted into an assisted living facility.

Mood Swings

People suffering from dementia, especially those who have Alzheimer's Disease, tend to experience drastic mood swings. It's common for dementia patients to get frustrated to a point that their behavior becomes aggressive -- especially patients who are having a hard time communicating. There are also numerous environmental factors that can cause someone with dementia to exhibit aggressive behavior, including excessive noise, being in a large crowd, feeling like they are lost, and being surrounded by people that they don't recognize. Sometimes, the level of aggression exhibited by dementia patients is manageable. However, if your parent is having mood swings that are extremely disruptive to your daily lifestyle, you should consider moving him or her to an assisted living facility.


It's common for people suffering from dementia to wander away from their home. Unfortunately, when this happens, it's common for the patient to become disoriented to a point where he or she isn't able to find the way back. As your loved one's dementia progresses, the risk of wandering increases. In fact, it's common for those in the later stages of dementia to require constant supervision. You can avoid the risk associated with your parent wandering away from home by placing your loved one in an assisted living facility that has a good security system in place and around-the-clock care.

Safety at Home

As your loved one's dementia progresses, your house could become an unsafe environment. In order to determine whether or not it's safe for your loved one to be at home, consider these things:

  • Are there stairs in your home?
  • Is there a safety bar, anti-slip mat, and a place to sit in your shower?
  • Is it easy to gain access to dangerous items, such as scissors, tools, or knives?
  • Is there a chance that your loved one will try to cook without supervision?
  • Do you keep weapons in your house?
  • Do you keep all medications in a locked cabinet or drawer?
  • Are there any tripping hazards in your house?

It isn't easy to make the decision to move a parent to an assisted living facility, such as Assisted living from Pioneer Elder Care; however, sometimes it is necessary. While the decision is ultimately yours and yours alone to make, an assisted living facility has the staff needed to provide dementia patients with the level of care they require.