Ask These Three Questions When You're Considering A Retirement Home

As a child of elderly parents, one of the duties that you might eventually find yourself taking part in is finding an adequate retirement home, like Concord Retirement Residence retirement residence, for your folks. You might also be taking the lead on this topic if your parents are unsure about how to proceed, so it's advantageous to take some time to visit different homes with your parents and attend information sessions. These appointments will provide you not only with a tour of the premises and a wealth of information about this type of living, but also give you an opportunity to ask some questions that can help you decide which home will be best suited for your parents' needs. [Read More]

Should You Place A Loved One Who Suffers From Dementia In An Assisted Living Facility?

It isn't easy to care for an aging parent, and the task is even harder if that parent suffers from dementia. It takes a lot of patience and work to care for a person with dementia, and it's common for dementia patients -- even ones with mild cases of dementia -- to need home health care assistance daily. However, if your living situation has become overly stressful or you can't afford to hire help, it might be time for you to consider placing your loved one in an assisted living facility that provides 24-hour care. [Read More]

What People With Alzheimer's Should Look For In A Retirement Community

Approximately 500,000 people living in Canada have some type of dementia, and 60 percent of those people have Alzheimer's disease. For those people with an Alzheimer's diagnosis, day-to-day living at home may become nearly impossible. While Alzheimer's disease can have a devastating impact on individuals and their families, it is possible to find supportive care for you or your family members battling the disease. Whether you have Alzheimer's disease or you have a family history of it, you'll want to take extra care when looking at retirement communities. [Read More]